Alternative Medicine and ADHD- In Search of New Ways

Many a times it happens that when a treatment for any disease is administered for a disease, the treatment itself can have negative effects on the victim. Thus the case is no different in case of neurological diseases like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD as it is widely known.
In such situations, experts try to search alternative ways and means to cure such diseases.

Need for Alternative cures for ADHD:

ADHD is a neurological disease. It mainly affects children and can be traced from the fact that it makes the child extremely impulsive, hyperactive and restless. As a cure for this disease, the normal prescribed medicines were Ritalin, Novartis etc. However it has been observed that these medicines started having adverse effects on the child suffering from ADHD. Thus medical practitioners started avoiding these drugs. This is where the need for alternative means for treating ADHD became necessary which do not have any side-effects on the victim.

Different Alternatives for treating ADHD:

Researchers, medical experts neurologists have tried to devise different means for treating ADHD. Though ADHD cannot be cured completely, some of the alternative means definitely show some positive results. Some of the alternatives suggested are as follows:

1) Drugs like AMORYN contain hyperforin which helps to improve concentration and can be a basic treatment for anxiety and depression. It also helps in calming the mind and the body. But AMORYN must be given to children under 12 years of age only under the guidance of the physician.
2) There are other natural ways of treatment like ATTEND which is a very good homeopathic or herbal way of treating ADHD. ATTEND involves amino acid combinations, essential fatty acids, lipid complexes, homeopathic medicines, hormone precursors, and the precursors to specific neurotransmitters.
3) ADHD is now trying to be treated with new drugs called Fluoxetine and Tomoxetine Children have shown some improvement with the intake of this drug.
4) More and more anti-stimulant treatments too are being prescribed for children suffering from ADHD.
5) New drugs like Atomoxetine seem to be a good alternative for treating ADHD.
6) Experts also believe that a balanced diet and good nutritional diet can be an effective way in treating ADHD.


Thus this proves that ADHD now has several answers. Though ADHD cannot be eradicated completely, it would definitely lessened through the above given methods. The best way of curing ADHD is the natural way with no side-effects.

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