ADHD Symptoms:

ADHD definition:

ADHD is defined as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is a condition that is caused in the behavior pattern of an individual because of inattention, hyperactivity or too much impulsiveness. Generally 3-5% of children of pre-schools and also adults suffer from ADHD.

Symptoms of ADHD in teenagers:

1. In children the basic symptom that is observed is not being attentive.
2. They may lack in academics.
3. They get bored very fast and may feel irritable all the time.
4. They may become too hyperactive and aggressive in behavior.
5. Might feel lose out all the time.
6. Show laziness in daily activities.
7. Always get a complex that may lead to attitude problems.

Sometimes they may appear as a normal behavior in many other teens, Diagnosis of ADHD is not compulsory. It depends on the natural behavior pattern of an individual and some extreme changes detected that define ADHD.

In adults the causes for ADHD can be many. Like:

Depression, marital problems, loneliness, inattention and disturbed life pattern. All these lead to change the behavior pattern of an adult. They start reacting strongly towards all these which lead to change their nature.

The basic symptoms observed in adults that suffer from ADHD are:

1. Tend to forget things very often and the task they are supposed to do.
2. Fail to recollect what just happened. Memory weakens.
3. Become hot tempered and impulsive in behavior.
4. Tend to pay less attention to what others are saying.
5. Cannot work in office comfortably and stay lonely.
6. Daydreaming.

Study of behavior pattern:

Qualities differ from person to person. Although these may be observed as natural qualities in some of the adults, they may appear as a disorder in many. It is very difficult to realize that these are the only symptoms that define that you are suffering from ADHD. They do help in determining ADHD but make sure you deal this with a health care professional. Only a specialist will be able to determine the patient of ADHD after a detailed study of history of the patients' behavior pattern. Sometimes the qualities might be a situational change in temporary behavior pattern, which can make you think it as a symptom of ADHD. To avoid misdiagnosis know your child or yourself better.

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