ADHD Checklist- Checking Out!!

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) as a disease is rapidly gaining ground. The number of people suffering from this disease, especially, children and youngsters is rising increasingly. Thus even the measures to cure this disease are gaining foothold. However to cure this disease the ADHD Checklist plays a key role in identifying the nature and degree of the disease among the particular individual. Thus obtaining an ADHD Checklist is very essential.

ADHD Checklist- The Concept:

The ADHD Checklist is mainly an instrument in determining the exact nature, degree and the impact of the disease on an individual. Thus more than curing the disease its forte is mainly "proper and accurate identification". The ADHD Checklist can come very close in identifying the effect of ADHD on the behavior of the person.

What does the ADHD Checklist Include?

The ADHD checklist for children and youngsters includes the following points:

a) A child / youngster suffering from ADHD is always restless and always raring to go.
b) He does not listen and pays no heed to his parents or to his teachers.
c) He lacks the ability to concentrate even for a short span of time.
d) He is extremely fidgety.
e) A child/ youngster suffering from ADHD takes risks easily and does not consider its consequences nor does he thinks about the action too much.
f) He can be very talkative and blurts out everything.
g) A person suffering from ADHD can be easily distracted and thus finds it difficult to complete any tasks assigned to him.

Thus while affirming that a child is suffering from ADHD the above checklist can be considered and if most of the child agrees to most of the above points then he has a very strong chance of being a victim of ADHD.

The ADHD Checklist for adults includes the following points:

a) An adult can suffer fro ADHD if he has suffered from hyperactivity and restlessness in his childhood.
b) Also all the symptoms that have been mentioned under the checklist for children and youngsters.
c) Apart from that, an adult suffering from ADHD shows inconsistent performance, decreasing work productivity and incomplete projects.
d) Also such individuals get frustrated very easily and show signs of nervousness and hypertension.
e) They find it extremely difficult to maintain close and intimate relationships.
f) They are constantly in search of activities that stimulate them.
g) They also suffer from bouts of depression and low energy levels.
h) They lack organizational skills and planning.

Thus while affirming that a child or an adult is suffering from ADHD the above checklists can be considered and if most of the child/adult agrees to most of the above points then he has a very strong chance of being a victim of ADHD.

Conclusion:Thus such a checklist may not answer all the questions related to ADHD. It may not even cure this disease. However this can certainly help in identifying whether the person is actually suffering from ADHD or from some other illness. ADHD Checklist can be a vital step in the process of curing ADHD.

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