ADHD Camps- Camping with a difference!!

The concept of adventure camps invokes the feeling of great fun, a wide range of adventure activities and spending quality time with the fellow campers. Thus each one longs for that big break each year to go on an adventure camp. Thus it is no different for the children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ ADHD). Thus ADHD camps are rapidly becoming popular over the world.

Aim of the ADHD Camps:

Children suffering from ADHD possess great intelligence, skill, talent and abilities. The ADHD camps play a vital role in not only honing these skills but also develop their personalities. The main aim of these camps is to concentrate on the strengths of the children and youngsters suffering from ADHD and encourage them to use their skills to the full potential. Such camps make the children realize that they too can lead a life like the normal children and that suffering from this disease does not render them incapable of doing their normal activities. They are not allowed to feel any different from the normal children.

What these Camps really achieve:

The ADHD Camps can have a significant and profound effect on the children suffering from ADHD. What these camps really achieve can be traced in the following way:
a) They develop tremendous amount of self-esteem and self-confidence among the children.
b) They also develop social awareness among the children.
c) Another very important quality that these camps help in developing is the ability to trouble- shoot and techniques required for trouble-shooting.
d) Such camps identify and develop various aspects of the individual's personality which help them in various walks of life.
e) Such camps are a source of constant support and encouragement for the children and youngsters suffering from ADHD.
f) Thus these children look forward to attending more and more of these camps.

Camping Activities - The Fun Part:

These camps conduct a wide range of activities which are a part of a learning process for the children and of course amazing fun! These camps conduct activities like trekking , camping, river-rafting, rappelling, other team building exercises and games, horse-riding, time management etc. These and more of such activities definitely make a difference for the children and youngsters suffering from ADHD.


Thus through these camps the children suffering from ADHD get a fresh outlook of life and lead a life the way it should be led- with zest and determination. So, happy camping!!

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