Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thanksgiving Specials For The Whole Family

Thanksgiving Specials For The Whole Family

For some, the most enjoyable parts of this holiday are the Thanksgiving specials that air on television for both kids and adults. Covering a broad spectrum of all ages, Thanksgiving specials range from live coverage of parades to sports to educational pieces. There really is something for everyone on this holiday!

So what's on tv during this busy holiday? Live coverage of Thanksgiving parades is often a favorite scene on televisions across America. The annual Macy's parade, in fact proudly airs its ceremonial procession of marching people, dancing cheerleaders, animated floats, and singing rock stars before hundreds of thousands of television viewers. Perhaps the biggest fans of these Thanksgiving specials are the cooks - diligently working in the kitchen and glancing at the tube for a quick peek at the flashy show. Watching these Thanksgiving specials has the unique way of putting Americans into the spirit of things, and who better to be in the spirit than...

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