Friday, November 03, 2006

OPYOW Equipment

OPYOW Equipment

People want to know how to teach all kids to succeed immediately on the pull up bar. The answer is that you use a Height Adjustable Pull Up Bar in conjunction with Leg Assisted Pull Ups. The following is an excerpt from and upcoming article entitled An Old Coach Offers A Simple Solution to Childhood Obesity that is scheduled to appear in Chicago Health and Wellness Magazine…

But Kids Hate Pull-Ups
I told the coach that I thought his logic was impeccable, but in my view he had one problem. According to my recollection, most kids hated pull-ups with a passion. And if they hate doing it, how can you teach them to perform pull-ups? They’ll drag their feet all the way to the gym, won’t they?

Using A Height Adjustable Pull-Up Bar

“Kids hate doing anything where they fail in public,” the coach replied. “The trick is to start them young before they learned to fail on the pull-up bar. Start them out on a color coded, height adjustable bar that allows them all to succeed immediately with leg- assisted pull-ups, jumping and pulling at the....

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