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Fireplace logs

Fireplace logs


Fire logos are detailed with high definition bark and originally natural colors for the authentic wood feel .The realism of their colors provide extreme amount of beauty and pleasure to the eyes. Thus picking up the correct log for your fire place could be a little complex.


The vented fire log; these are decorative appliances. Venting gas logs. These are charred Oak logs with hand painted details .these are initially burnt and then borne holes into or charred thus giving it the look. These are rated as heating appliances. Peninsula gas logs: these are logs that can be seen both from the front and the back. Outdoor fire pits: these are for campfires. The Oak gas logs are round and with deep barks details .

The Royal English classic series are massive, full-bodies and give a Rumford style masonry fire place. The Vent log operates with the chimney flue closed and with hundred percent generation of heat. These have realistic wood patterns, flame is much taller than the vent-free logs, this does not require carbon dioxide detector. The vent less gas logs have much better heat output, this causes less pollution. There is very less gas consumption. The outdoor fireplace harnesses the warmth and the light to enjoy the pit cooking. These can be rendered as good accessories.

The Coleman's' fire pit which is for thirty three inches is for $229.95.the cast iron designer style chimney is around $ 329.95.the real fyure charred oak wood is around $368.40. This is for twenty four inches. .Royal English oak vented is around $412. This is for eighteen inches. The Real fire vented gas logs is for $ 429.60. This is thirty inches. The vent firewood is long and has a lot of density in ratio to the wood consumption in the fireplace.


The gas log accessories are the Peterson Gas log remote controls, the platinum bright glowing amber for the

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