Monday, September 04, 2006

California Charities Open for Car Donations

California Charities Open for Car Donations

California is known for its hot weather and intense traffic. Such conditions are very taxing especially for a car daily driven in the community. Old cars are around the state can easily be determined by their poor condition.

Such cars eventually need to be retired to avoid road accidents. Many charities are giving Californians a chance to dispose their oil rides and also help a good cause via car donation programs. Which charities are willing to accept your old car as a donation?

The following is a small list of well-known charities that will turn that jalopy to a positive asset.

The American Melanoma Foundation

The American Melanoma Foundation is located in 2160 Fletcher Parkway, Suite 0, El Cajon California. Founded in 1990 by several melanoma patients and their families. This group strongly believes in the need for financial support to studies dedicated to treat melanoma, which is one of the most serious of all cancer types.

Through patient support groups AMF is able to assist those with the deadly disease via various patient support groups. AMF is well known in the US. A car donation is an effective way to support AMF's cause.

Berkeley Richmond Jewish Community Center

The Berkeley Richmond Jewish Community Center is located in Berkeley Richmond Jewish Community Center, 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley, California. This charity supports the improvement of living life for different cultures and regions. Berkeley pushes for the acceptance and appreciation of the Jewish culture.

The group also encourages Jewish continuity and survival and promotes harmony among its members.

Across The World Adoptions

Across the world Adoptions believes that each living child should have warm, loving and permanent family. The charity's aim is to connect unwanted children with families that can give a nurturing and stable home.

Across the World Adoptions is committed to professional and personal assistance for families and humanitarian effort for needy children. A car donation to this California charity is a positive way to support its cause.

Buena Vista Benefactors

Buena Vista Benefactors is a non-profit group committed to the growth and development of Buena Vista Elementary School and the community around Carlsbad, California.

Buena Vista believes in a seven-year plan that focuses on: Site Enhancement, Class Enrichment and Endowment Funding. Buena Vista Benefactors is working hard to assist the faculty, families and staff around the Buena Vista Community to help its students become more responsible. A car donation for Buena Vista Benefactors is a vote of confident for its programs.

Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe

Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe is committed to assist young people especially those in the middle of difficult situations and help them maximize their talents. The charity has a complete schedule of enjoyable activities for children and teens.

Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe also offers many learning opportunities and ways to help out in the community. A car donation is a helpful way to support the charity located at 1100 Lyons Avenue South Lake Tahoe, California.

Bi-Bett Corporation

The Bi-Bett Corporation has several residential and non-residential programs based in the community of San Francisco, California. The programs of the charity is designed to help men and women alcoholics overcome their addictions.

The Bi-Bett Corporation features a comfortable and friendly drug-free environment that fosters positive communication among fellow residents. The Bi-Bett Corporation accepts car donations for its various programs.


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