Thursday, August 17, 2006

That's a Chloe Handbag!

That's a Chloe Handbag!

There no fragrance I love more than Chloe. I have never had the privilege of wearing Chloe clothing, but I have seriously considered purchasing myself a Chloe handbag. These purses are the utmost in high fashion, and are carried by celebrities and fashion-conscious women everywhere. A Chloe bag is an investment piece, that you can expect to keep for many years to come. You may even want to hand down your Chloe purse to your daughter or granddaughter.

One good thing about a Chloe handbag is that they're somewhat more affordable than other designer bags like Prada and Chanel. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1000 for a Chloe handbag, depending on the style you choose. If you're seeking one of these designer bags for a bargain, use the Internet to find a spectacular deal. Not only can you find Chloe bags at discount prices on various websites, you can try an online auction site like Ebay. If you're willing to carry a used handbag, you can get even more of a price break! Just make sure that the bag you're paying so much for is authentic. I've heard of people paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a bag they thought was authentic, when it was actually a fake!

I think my favorite Chloe handbag that I've seen advertised would have to be the Paddington bag. This bag is medium sized, made from supple, luxurious calfskin leather, and available in a variety of colors. Choose from camel, antique white, chocolate brown, black, and white. The lighter choices would...

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