Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Information Regarding Bed Bug Infestation Treatment

Information Regarding Bed Bug Infestation Treatment

Before World War II, bed bugs were common place in our society. But following the events of World War II, improved sanitation and the widespread use of a pesticide named DDT, we were able to wipe out bed bugs. Lately, however , bed bugs have experienced a resurgence in today's homes, apartments, hotels and even public transportation. This is mainly due to the increased level of immigration and travel from areas where bed bugs are rampant, like parts of Africa, Asia and South America. Bed bugs are very small and they can easily stow away in luggage and take up residence wherever said luggage is placed.

Bed bugs often live in mattresses, hence the name. This is because they prefer to feed on sleeping humans or animals, and normally live quite close to their feeding ground. Bed bugs feed using a sharp pointed beak that painlessly pierces the skin. The bites may result in welts and bumps that are red, inflamed and itchy. However, some people exhibit no evidence of bed bug bites.

Bed bug infestation treatment is done in a variety of...

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