Sunday, August 20, 2006

Build your own hot tub

Build your own hot tub

remember. The first step is to acquire the necessary components of a wooden hot tub system, which may be an assortment of products from various manufacturers, depending on your likes. Today, there are designers who have dedicated themselves solely to creating and supporting hot tub systems and are willing to share of their experience with your purchase. These also supply complete and comprehensive instructions that help the average homeowner to amalgamate and coordinate all components with just the basic tools and skills.
Guiding steps to building the hot tub yourself:
The most important step is to first select the tub and benches below and then move on to the support system components - like a pump, filter, heater, jet set, control set and plumbing kit along with any accessories desired. Cedar Tubs are available with a wide variety of bench styles and configurations and the advantage to this is that with round tubs, you have a choice of slab or circular benches whereas oval tubs are available with slab benches only.

Ensuring standing space:
If there are slab benches, you can purchase a maximum of three for 5', 6' and 7' diameter round tubs, up to four for 8' diameter round tubs but no more than two for 3' or 4' diameter round tubs and all oval shaped tubs. For circular benches, a total of eight sections give all around seating for 4', 5' and 6' diameter tubs. The pump size should be matched to number of jets by using four per HP or fraction thereof, although pumps close to the tub can accommodate more jets than this.

Pump details to keep in mind for your hot tub:
Nowadays, all pumps are single phase and dual speed though single speed and other voltages are also available. The advantage of full service pumps is that they have integral hair and lint strainers (trap) whereas unity service pumps typically do...

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