Sunday, August 20, 2006

Balboa hot tub

Balboa hot tub

The Balboa systems are termed as the ultimate in hot tub control systems, which give value and keep up with the trends that the new generation of home spa users are demanding in today's world.

Special features of the Balboa hot tub

Balboa has patented the M7 temperature and flow sensor technology and universal control platform; the last ensures that the feature flexibility is increased and installation and configuration costs are considerably reduced, unlike other hot tub systems in the market today.
Balboa's temperature technology does away with most kinds of failure that may occur due to malfunction of pressure switches. Another feature worth mentioning is that the Balboa hot tub system aims at simplifying installations by not having to drill additional holes and these systems have a plastic enclosure to eliminate water intrusion. There are connectors built onto the circuit board, which minimize the need for wires and simplify services. All models in the Balboa system feature convertible power supply and support mini, duplex or standard digital panels.

Types of Balboa hot tub systems

There are a wide variety of Balboa hot tub systems designed to suit every possible home spa need of the customer. There are Balboa Control Systems, which have control circulation pump, single to dual speed pumps, ozonators and lights. Others have cords and mini ovals with spa side control

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