Friday, July 07, 2006

Burn off body fat

Burn off body fat

"Body fat"- In today's times the body fat problem is on the rise with each passing day. Look around you, you'll find couch potatoes, workaholics, housewives and children trying new methods to shed off the fat, which has accumulated in their body. Why has this problem cropped up? Well for starters it's the easy way of life that the electronic appliances have provided us with, which makes physical exercise almost null.

And yet, people have not stopped consuming fatty foodstuffs, which in turn aggravates the issue more. Since, what you eat does not get used up, it stores in your body in form of fat. So now you are in need of a way to help you trim down. Here are some pointers, which will go a long way if you practice them sincerely.

Burning off body fat simply connotes using up more calories than you take in. And the best way to do that is either reduce calorie intake or start escalating your every day activity intensity. To achieve both these it would be obligatory to go in for exercise and a balanced diet. Mind you by balanced diet I do not suggest starving yourself.

If you do that, you'll surely reduce but when you go back to your regular food the calories will pop up again instantly. That happens because your body gets used to low level of food and goes into a survival mode slowing itself down for a possible famine and your body will...

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